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A National Community of Practice for Paediatric Nurses

our mission

To protect and promote the health and well being of Canadian children, locally and nationally, by advancing the professional specialty of paediatric nursing, through education, learning, and advocacy.

towards excellence in paediatric nursing

the critical role of paediatric nurses

Paediatric nurses are found in all sectors of the healthcare system in Canada. There are more than 7,000 registered nurses in Canada who work primarily with children. Paediatric nurses have specialized knowledge and skills to be able to effectively care for children at a variety of developmental stages. The Canadian Association of Paediatric nurses recognizes this specialized expertise and supports the development of paediatric nursing, through the creation of opportunities to share knowledge  and collectively engage with the health care system.

Canadian paediatric nursing standards

Canadian Paediatric Nursing Standards:  The standards aim to serve as a framework for paediatric nursing delivery across all sectors and provide consistency in describing the expertise and scope of practice of a paediatric nurse.


living the standards

Nurses are integrating the Standards into practice, and in their respective organizational structure and processes their across Canada. Learn how your colleagues are “Living the Standards”. 


Paediatric Nursing Certification

Register for the Canadian Paediatric Nursing Certification Exam and become a certified expert with the Canadian Nurses Association. 


CAPN is a Specialty Interest Group with the Canadian Nurses Association.


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