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Our mission is to protect and promote the health and well being of Canadian children, locally and nationally, by advancing the professional specialty of paediatric nursing, through education, learning, and advocacy.

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Make a Difference through the Canadian Association of Paediatric Nurses!

Are you a paediatric nurse interested in influencing and advancing practice across Canada? Join the Executive Board of the Canadian Association of Paediatric Nurses (CAPN). CAPN is a national network of nurses from diverse settings that are passionate about children’s health and the nursing specialty of paediatrics. CAPN champions the Canadian Paediatric Nursing Standards and was instrumental in the creation of the first ever Canadian Pediatric Nursing Certification Exam in collaboration with the Canadian Nurses Association.

If you are interested in a leadership opportunity that can make a difference, please contact bonnie.fleming-carroll@sickkids.ca about any of the following positions:

1. President Elect

2. Communications Officer (internal)

3. Associate Communications Officer (website/member email)

4. Associate Social Media Officer (Twitter/Instagram)

5. Academic/Research Officer

We are also interested in having board member representation from the following provinces and territories:

· Newfoundland and Labrador


· New Brunswick

· Nunavut

· Northwest Territories

· Yukon

All applicants will be required to be 1) a member of CAPN 2) submit a letter of intent and a CV/resume by November 30, 2021.

We would love to have you join our dynamic and dedicated team!! For more information about CAPN go to www.paednurse.ca


Welcome to the Canadian Association of Paediatric Nurses (CAPN) and our new website. We are very excited to have this media to connect with you. In 2017, we launched the first ever Canadian Paediatric Nursing Standards. This initiative allowed nurses to come together, to share experiences and to identify the foundations of the important practice of paediatric nursing. During that process it was evident that there was a common passion for ensuring children have the best quality care no matter where they intersect with the healthcare system but also a passion for sharing nursing expertise to optimize that care. CAPN is a national network of paediatric nurses that evolved for nurses to continue to share, learn, and collectively strengthen the specialty of paediatric nursing.

CAPN could not be possible or sustained without dedicated nurses who care about children. We know nurses interface with children and their families across the entire health care continuum and therefore can have a strong positive impact on their health status. We know nurses are well positioned to continue to influence and advance the protection and promotion of the well-being of children. We believe that nurses with this specific knowledge base and skill set in paediatric nursing care can make a difference through leadership and advocacy in the individual care of the child and the overall state of children’s health in Canada. I am hoping you will decide to continue your nursing journey as a member of CAPN and continue to strengthen the voice of the child in the healthcare system.

We look forward to creating a strong network for paediatric nursing with you.

Bonnie Fleming-Carroll, RN(EC), BSc., MN.

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