There are over 7,000 registered nurses in Canada who work primarily with children, and have specialized knowledge and skills to be able to effectively care for children at a variety of developmental stages. The Canadian Association for Paediatric Nurses creates opportunities for paediatric nurses to share knowledge and collectively engage with the health care system to advocate for children’s health.

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Benefits of Membership

1. Connection:  CAPN is a network and a bridge for thousands of nursing and health care professionals to communicate on issues related to children’s health care and paediatric nursing. Join our Forum discussions, Board of Directors, committees, and conferences.

2. Advocacy: CAPN is the collective professional voice for the development of public policy for children’s health care through excellence in paediatric nursing. Participate in the development of our position statements and reports.

3. Professional Development: CAPN is committed to working collaboratively with health care professionals towards the development and promotion of training and information sharing programs. Participate in our training programs and access or paediatric nursing materials.

4. Resources Library: CAPN offers on-line information and a document repository via the new CAPN website. Help us to develop our library by offering documents to post to the website.

5. Conference Registration Discounts: CAPN members receive special members discounts to various conferences and event organized in partnership with CAPN.

6. Board of Directors: CAPN members can nominate and vote for members to our national Board.

7. Partnerships: Your membership enables our association to build effective local and national partnerships with other organizations to further the objectives of paediatric nurses across Canada.

8. Certification as a Paediatric Nurse with Canadian Nurses Association. 


CAPN membership maintains a percentage of CNA membership congruent with current CNA by-laws.

Regular Members Category: Nurses (Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Licensed Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioners) registered in Canada who work with children in their practice and/or with an interest in Paediatric Nursing, shall be voting members of the association. Regular members who are CNA members may serve on the Board of Directors

Associated Members Category: Nurses living in other countries who work with children in their practice or other health care professionals with an interest in paediatrics. Associate members are not eligible to vote.

Student Membership Category: Includes those who show proof of fulltime enrollment in an accredited undergraduate nursing program in Canada. Students are non-voting members.

Honorary Member Category: May be granted to any Regular member of the association who meets the following criteria:

A. Active participation in CAPN and long standing membership warrants such respect, or

B. Their contributions to paediatric nursing warrants such respect, and

C. Their status as an Honorary Member is sanctioned by a vote of the general membership. Honorary members receive lifelong membership in CAPN/ACIIP, free of the Association’s usual fee and are eligible to hold office.

Paediatric Partner Member Category: CAPN may be in partnership with other Interest Groups with interests in child and youth (paediatric) health. Each groups will be granted one (1) paid membership to CAPN. This membership will include exchange of newsletters and information. Partner memberships must be sanctioned by a vote of the general membership.



Bonnie Fleming-Carroll CAPN President

"We know nurses are well positioned to continue to influence and advance the protection and promotion of the well-being of children. We believe that nurses with this specific knowledge base and skill set in paediatric nursing care can make a difference through leadership and advocacy in the individual care of the child and the overall state of children’s health in Canada. I am hoping you will decide to continue your nursing journey as a member of CAPN and continue to strengthen the voice of the child in healthcare system."


Sabina Rangaies has been a nurse for 10 years in the area of Paediatric Emergency

"I've always loved working with children. Children are resilient, strong and have an outlook on life that cannot be matched in adults. Plus they have a way of always making me laugh with their honesty.

As a paediatric nurse, I like knowing that I get to be a part of their health journey. Children are a lot stronger than we give them credit for. Their innocence and honesty is so pure that I'm always shocked even after 10 years of nursing."


Elora Bibby has been a nurse for 6 years in the area of Cardiac Critical Care Unit and Critical Care Response Team

"I have three younger sisters and always loved helping babysit and look after them. My mom also worked as a paediatric nurse and inspired me to follow in her footsteps. Becoming a paediatric nurse is something I was always passionate about and I am so happy to be doing it.

Children are so strong and so motivated to heal and get back on their feet it is inspiring to help them on their journey to health."


Kevin Sequeira has been a nurse for 10 years in the area of Paediatric Emergency

"I have always wanted to work with children in some capacity since I was very young. I was drawn to nursing because you get to work  closely with patients and families.

From these children and families, I have learned to be strong and resilient in my own personal life and have gained a great deal of insight in dealing with my own personal challenges."

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