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Policy, Advocacy and position statements

Canadian Children's Charter

A key focus of The Canadian Association of Paediatric Nurses is to advocate for children's health. CAPN has joined other partners in the development of a number of child centered policy initiatives.

Canadian Children’s Charter:  While Canada is one of the most prosperous and democratic countries in the world, the wellbeing of Canada’s children lags far behind. We must take urgent action to invest in our youngest citizens.

The Charter is a Call to action to respect, protect and fulfil the Rights of Canada’s Children. The vision of the Canadian Children’s Charter is to raise public awareness and mobilize action of the part of every Canadian to make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up.


Unicef Report Card 14

The Canadian Companion report shows that Canada does comparatively well in some aspects of child and youth well-being and lags behind in others, ranking 25th out of 41 countries.


Joint Statement on Physical Punishment of Children and Youth


The Canadian Association of Paediatric Nurses strives to form meaningful and effective partnerships toward the engagement of the health care community across Canada, and for the development of excellence in paediatric nursing.


Time to Stand Up for Child Health

Global statement for kids-long-revised.pdf

Global statement for kids revised-FR.pdf


Children’s hospitals are on the front lines, caring for sick children and their families. This role uniquely positions them to help identify policy and practice solutions and play a leadership role in their implementation. Review and share this statement on Children's health. 

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