Living the Standards

Nurses are integrating the Standards into practice, and in their respective organizational structure and processes their across Canada. 

“At Alberta Children’s Hospital we are in the process of revamping our nursing orientation for new hires. We are moving towards a greater focus on specific paediatric nursing to provide nurses with the skills to be a competent (potentially novice) paediatric nurse, in order to provide consistent care for the complex needs of the patient population. The Canadian Paediatric Nursing Standards are providing the basis for the new paediatric focused nursing orientation in order to educate on, and promote, each standard in the context of frontline care.”

-----------Jill Woodward RN BSc MA, Executive Director, Alberta Children’s Hospital, Alberta

“Two years ago when the standards were launched, we shared them at the IWK Health Centre with Managers, Clinical Leaders of Development and Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs). There was no formal dissemination plan at this time. In October 2018, the APNs plan to re-launch the standards at our Nursing Grand Rounds. We are going to print the standards on a laminated tag which nurses can attach to their IDs. We are also going to present an overview of the standards at nursing orientation for all new nurses being hired at the IWK. This will be a standing orientation item for nurses coming into our Children’s Health Program, as well as informing them about CAPN.”

------Rebecca Earle, RN MSc, Clinical Nurse Specialist, IWK Health Centre, Nova Scotia

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