To protect and promote the health and well being of Canadian children, locally and nationally, by advancing the professional specialty of paediatric nursing, through education, learning, and advocacy.


1. To advocate for the well-being and health care needs of children and their families.

2. To promote education in paediatric nursing based on national standards at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

3. To share opportunities for continuing education and information about educational resources for Canadian paediatric nurses.

4. To facilitate opportunities for Canadian nurses to unite and address issues related to paediatric nursing.

5. To support CNA in its objective to speak for Canadian paediatric nursing on national and international levels.

6. To promote a high standard of paediatric nursing practice in Canada by facilitating the integration of national standards of care.

7. To advocate and work towards establishing certification of paediatric nurses in Canada.

8. To promote research development and knowledge translation in paediatric nursing

The Canadian Association of Paediatric Nurses is governed by a National Board of Directors elected annually by the members.

our objectives

Promoting Specialized Knowledge and exchange

Paediatric nurses are found in all sectors of the healthcare system. They have specialized knowledge and skills to be able to effectively care for children at a variety of developmental stages. CAPN supports and recognizes the expertise of Paediatric nurses.

National standards

Standard I: Supporting and Partnering with the Child and their Family

Standard II: Advocating for Equitable Access and the Rights of Children and their Family

Standard III: Delivering Developmentally Appropriate Care

Standard IV: Creating a Child & Family Friendly Environment

Standard V: Enabling Successful Transitions within the plan of care and between health care professionals and institutions.


Membership development

CAPN hopes to inspire the paediatric nursing community across Canada to join and help to build our Association.

With the support of more than 7,000 paediatric nurses, the Association has the potential to develop a powerful voice for children's health care and a significant leadership role for nursing standards and training.


CAPN strives to form partnerships with like minded health care professionals and organizations.

Child advocacy

CAPN advocates for child and family focused care. 

Patient safety

Paediatric nurses are a critical link in the plan of care, and are often the key health care professional on duty to ensure patient safety.

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